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Free Application for Student Federal Aid


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Pre-Paid Savings Plans for Florida Residence

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Florida residence can qualify based on GPA, Test Scores and Community Service hours


Florida Effective Access to Student Education (EASE) Grant. This is a no-need grant for Florida residents attending a private college or university full time in Florida. The grant, formerly known as the Florida Resident Access Grant (or FRAG), is $2,841 in 2019-20

Fee Waivers for NAIA Eligibility Center 


Registration fee waivers are available based on demonstrated need for U.S. students only. Fee waiver requests must be reviewed and approved by the NAIA Eligibility Center in order for the student to complete registration. The NAIA Eligibility Center fees are non-refundable. If a student pays the fee prior to submitting the required fee waiver information, a fee waiver cannot be used.


U.S. students who qualify(ed) for a waiver of SAT or ACT testing fees or for the federal free or reduced-priced school lunch program are eligible for a registration fee waiver. The student must be registered and the student’s high school must submit the fee waiver confirmation through the NAIA High School Portal. The primary user of the NAIA High School Portal account will need to verify that the student meets one of the available criteria for a fee waiver to be approved.


Due to new policies enacted by the Department of Education, transfer students must follow this process as well, as financial aid information can no longer be shared directly with the NAIA Eligibility Center.



Non-traditional high school students (GED or home school) and transfers from two- or four-year colleges may request a fee waiver based on the student's qualification for a minimum of $4,500 in Federal Pell Grants during the academic year in which the student registers with the NAIA Eligibility Center if:


The student is unable to obtain fee waiver confirmation from their high school or;

The student’s financial circumstances have materially changed since high school graduation.

The student must obtain a hard copy of their financial aid award letter, sealed in an official school envelope, and mail it to the eligibility center.

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